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Program North Korea

Our Newcomer members, Liz and Walt Wilson, will share their experiences and their DVD of their adventure into the heart of North Korea with us. Anyone who has attended one of the Wilson's travel presentations would agree that it's an event not to be missed.  They capture the essence and culture of a country and its people with breathtaking visuals accompanied with insightful and fascinating stories.

Liz and Walt, in August 2014, were part of the first group of American tourists sponsored by an American travel company to tour the country. The Democratic Republic of Korea is the most secretive and antagonistic country in the world.  Ruled by an oppressive, and sometimes violent, family dynasty since the end of World War II, all news is filtered by the North Korea authorities.  Although frequently in the news, Western journalists have little access and freedom of movement.

Join us for this exciting program that would be of equal interest to men, so ladies, please invite your hubbies to come along.

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