Total Wellness: Qigong

Presenter:  Mary Theresa Capriles

With the past year not being able to exercise as often as we wished, it is time to get back to more activity and a healthier life style.  Qigong is one way to do just that.

Mary Theresa has been a dancer all her life.  She has always loved movement and being active.  As a child she studied ballet at the San Juan School of Dance on 3rd Street in downtown Los Altos where she met Dr. Kerry Lindell  She went on to train at the San Francisco Ballet School as a youth, and attended Northwestern University, majoring in Theater Arts. 

Her passion for Qigong began in 2013, and over the next two years, she earned her certification through Holden qigong and Shelton Qigong.  She has been teaching ever since, and most recently (before the pandemic) at 1440 Multiversity in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

In her presentation you'll be guided in clearing exercises, gentle stretches and flowing movements (which can be done seated or standing) Qigong strengthens the physical body and opens the energy meridians.  It is like a moving meditation, promoting a deeper connection to your body and a greater awareness of your own qi, or life-force energy.  This simple, yet powerful practice will warm up your muscles, wake up your mind, center your breath, and ground you for whatever comes next.


Wednesday, April 28  
1:30 - 2:30 pm
Zoom: link in a separate email  


For information: Kerry Lindell, Pat Reed

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