Styling is a group designed to make looking good really fun! We will feature events that give practical advice and tips on comfortable, cost-effective, and attractive clothing and accessories to keep us looking our best. Events will include interactive activities where we swap and trade with each other, as well as enjoy speakers who show us how to incorporate the latest trends into our wardrobes in age-appropriate ways that flatter and enhance our appearance.

To quote ( loosely) Coco Chanel "Today I may have a date with destiny,
and it's always best to look as pretty as possible for destiny."

By now, you have received our questionnaire. If Styling is of interest to you, we hope you will give us some feedback. Our newsletter will continue to inform you of Styling’s monthly offerings, but we would like to know if you would 

1) enjoy going to a website we choose each month,
2) rather read a monthly email on a styling topic
(perhaps chosen by members),
 3) enjoy a monthly Zoom.

Please respond to Betty
Thank you for your thoughts. Happy Holidays!

Whether you are dressing for the holidays or not, here is a fun site for you 40+STYLE website 


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