Tyrants on Twitter: How Authoritarian States Abuse Social Media, and How to Stop Them
presented by David Sloss

Agents of authoritarian states maintain an active presence on U.S.-based social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The current permissive regulatory system—which grants agents of authoritarian states largely unrestricted access to those platforms—creates substantial costs with no significant offsetting benefits.

Acting externally, agents of authoritarian states use U.S. social media platforms to interfere with elections in democratic countries.

Acting internally, they use those platforms to incite violence against disfavored minority groups and to suppress pro-democracy activists.

Congress can and should address these problems by enacting legislation to prohibit agents of authoritarian states from creating or operating accounts on U.S.-based social media platforms.




Programs-January 9, 2020 

Our biggest thanks to Liz and Walt Wilson on their spectacular presentation on Mongolia!

It was a wonderful recap of their adventures to Mongolia and the Gobi Desert with the 20th Golden Eagle Hunting Festival.

Liz created yet again a video documentary and now has a YouTube channel featuring some of their latest travels. Check out at her channel – Liz Wilson.

Here is the link to their Mongolia video

Here is the link to the Portugal video





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