Next Program will be in January with Liz Wilson.
About her trip to Portugal


Thursday, October 8  via Zoom: Walt Wilson’s ham adventures

Newcomers member Walt Wilson is an adventurer whose ham radio hobby has taken him to exotic locations few people ever see.  

Walt shared a movie of his February 2020 expedition to Signy Island, part of the South Orkney group.


Programs-January 9, 2020 

Our biggest thanks to Liz and Walt Wilson on their spectacular presentation on Mongolia!

It was a wonderful recap of their adventures to Mongolia and the Gobi Desert with the 20th Golden Eagle Hunting Festival.

Liz created yet again a video documentary and now has a YouTube channel featuring some of their latest travels. Check out at her channel – Liz Wilson.

Here is the link to their Mongolia video

Here is the link to the Portugal video





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