Vicki Parente: how to make a flower arrangement

Vicki Parente who has worked with flowers for 30 years,
will show how to make a simple floral arrangement.  

It’ll be instructive and experiential. You can watch and listen, or you can watch, listen, and make your own arrangement!

Instructions for picking up materials will be given in advance.

April 8, at 7:00 pm by zoom

Dr. Amy Ellison presentation on May 16

Dr. Ellison is Exhibition Curator for the Los Altos History Museum and she will present on:

“How Los Altos transitioned from reaching the world through food
(a history of our agriculture and orchards)
to reaching the world through tech.”



Programs-January 9, 2020 

Our biggest thanks to Liz and Walt Wilson on their spectacular presentation on Mongolia!

It was a wonderful recap of their adventures to Mongolia and the Gobi Desert with the 20th Golden Eagle Hunting Festival.

Liz created yet again a video documentary and now has a YouTube channel featuring some of their latest travels. Check out at her channel – Liz Wilson.

Here is the link to their Mongolia video

Here is the link to the Portugal video





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