Board Matters

Board 2021- 2022


Presidents: Birgitta Indaco and Leslie Ashmore

Past President: Birgitta Indaco

Vice President:

Secretary: Diane Claypool

Treasurer: Julia Lai

Membership: Julia Lovin, Carol Ach, and Pat Reed

Luncheons: Carol Ach, Najwa Tamer, Marla McCormack

Programs: Mary Morris

Committee Chairpersons and Special Events
Book Group: Leslie Ashmore, Eren Goknar

Bridge Group: Connie Gannon, Dana Haviland, Vicki Oldberg

Casual Dining: Nomi Trapnell, Diane Claypool

Dinner for Eight: Heidi Sloss

Directory: Peter Barba, Mary Morris, Carol Ach

Explorers: Patsy Duke, Cam Chan, April Anair

Genealogy: Jan Shideler

Investment: Tia Jurvetson

Mah-Jongg: Leslie Ashmore, Alleta Birk, Joan Silver, Betty Kancler

Movies: Patsy Duke

Newsletter and Website: Marijke Vallaeys


Publicity: Cam Chan

Stitch and Chat: Leslie Ashmore

Styling: Leslie Ashmore, Nomi Trapnell, Pat Reed, Betty Kancler

Sunshine: Jan Shideler


Total Wellness: Kerry Lindell, Pat Reed

Walking/Hiking: Peter Thurston, Terry Oldberg

Special Events:

Fall Brunch:  Birgitta Indaco, Najwa Tamer

Holiday Party: Birgitta Indaco, Marla McCormack

Auditor: Vicki Oldberg

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