Remembering Bob Claypool

President's Message  


Happy May! 

The weather is warming up and the activities of our area are starting back after a long slumber. I hope you will join me in attending our Los Altos’ First Fridays with eight musical groups playing on the sidewalks and piazza and our citizens strolling through our streets. The next one is scheduled for Friday, May 7th from 6pm-8pm.
Check out their website:  www.losaltosfirstfriday.org

We just had our April Program on Floral Arranging with Vicki Parente by Zoom. It was well attended and we were all amazed by the numerous flowers and the arrangements that Vicki created in an hour. She gave wonderful ways to utilize flowers and containers with lots of ‘helpful’ tips. I took notes and tried out her techniques and have photos to show off my creations. A huge thank you to Vicki Parente, Betty Stern and Mary Morris for a very fun and inspiring program! 

Our next Program is on Thursday, May 13 by Zoom at 7:00 pm and featuring Dr. Amy Ellison of the Los Altos History Museum discussing the history of our orchards and agriculture in Los Altos. Look for our emails with the zoom link and more information. 

We also just had our TGIF “connect” by Zoom and had lively discussions as a group sharing our favorite restaurants to try, intriguing programs to catch on the various TV platforms, fascinating books to listen to or read, etc. It was a great way to “connect” and share information. A big thank you to Kathy Woempner and Carol Petty for hosting and leading the discussion. We are actively seeking new committee chairs to continue their great work of the past 3 years so email me if you can help out. 

On that note, I am pleased to announce that Leslie Ashmore has agreed to help me and Newcomers out by being Co-President for 2021-2022. I look forward to working with Leslie as we transition this next year into more of our regular activities and some hybrid version of Zoom for some of our activities that have proven successful. If any of you are interested in helping us out, please let me and Leslie know. 

Our regular Zoom activities of Investment Club, Book group, Stitch and Chat, Genealogy, Styling, “Let’s Write” and Total Wellness are moving along successfully and well attended. On Sunday, May 23rd at 3:00pm we will have a “Hat” session presented by Nomi Trapnell. So keep a lookout for our Styling emails for more details and the Zoom link.  I hope you will join us in any and all of these happenings!




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